City of Dunkirk Hero Banners Program

The 2024 Season has begun. Applications may now be submitted and we are accepting 100. Please contact [email protected] with any questions. Thank you.

City of Dunkirk Hero Banner Program

The Hero Banner Program is designed to pay tribute to the contributions and sacrifices of Dunkirk City Veterans who served as far back as the Revolutionary War and up to the most recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Key Information

Do you have a family member that has been in the military or is, and you would like to establish a memory? Are they a citizen of Dunkirk, or were when they served? Consider purchasing a banner that will display their picture, the branch served or serving, the era of service, and his or her name. This banner will be displayed in the city of Dunkirk on street lights.  Each will be 24″ x 48″ and will be printed on both sides of heavy vinyl with UV protection.

Simply complete the application and submit, don’t forget to upload a picture.   

Cannot find a picture of your family hero?  Try calling the Dunkirk Historical Society at 716-366-2882.  Just leave a message, and the Dunkirk Historian will get back to you.  There are pictures from WWII that appeared in the Dunkirk Observer in 1945.

Having trouble uploading a picture?  The Dunkirk Public Library will assist you with your application and digital scanning, then send it to [email protected].  Call the library and make an appointment at 716-366-2511

More Details To Know

Please know that this program has been approved by the previous Mayor Rosas and the current Mayor Wdowiasz and the administration, along with the Council.  It is also supported by the Dunkirk Public Library.  

Kindly know that this is a community service project that is non-political and non-partisan.  There is a charge of $250.00, and this is the charge for the banner, the bracket, and $25.00 toward a contingency fund for damaged or special banners.  Please send a check to Dunkirk Post Office, Hero Banner Program, PO Box 725, Dunkirk, NY 14048.

You might notice the price is higher than last year.  When we receive enough to cover the cost of all 100 brackets that hold the banner, which are $75.00 each, we will reimburse everyone with a check sent to you.  Please know that this is not a business but a service, and we will reimburse you as soon as we can.

Any extra money made will strictly be saved to replace damaged banners, a donation to the Dunkirk Public Library for their help with the program, or the creation of a special banner such as those KIA in the Vietnam War, which were displayed last summer and will be ongoing. Any efforts on behalf of the committee are purely voluntary.

The deadline to submit the application is March 15, 2024, and the limit is 100 banners for this year.

Thank you for your patience!

Complete the application and attach a picture. Please remember to print the name of the hero on the check, make the check payable to the City of Dunkirk Hero Banner Program in the amount of $250.00, and send it to Dunkirk Post Office, City of Dunkirk Hero Banner Program, PO Box 725, Dunkirk, NY 14048. Thank you!

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
KINDLY KNOW DO NOT PUT SPACES WHEN NAMING THE PICTURE OR IT WILL NOT UPLOAD. Also, simply click onto the box and you will have an option to pick a picture from your desktop. Thank you!

"A special thanks to 2024 veteran volunteers Luis J. Cruz "Gweege" and Jim Pawlowski, along with Diane Anson, Cody Britton and Councilwoman Natalie Luczkowiak."

Thanks to Our 2024 Donors thus far!

~~~Please know that, for legal purposes, we must let you know that your participation in this program is voluntary.  Sponsors, including donors, are not guaranteeing or representing that this program is more than a community-based effort to honor Dunkirk City Veterans with publicly displayed banners.  We are using information, including knowledge and photographs you provide, and by providing, you are giving the sponsors, including the donors, the right to use the information and photographs to implement the program.~~~